We Create Competitive Advantage For Our Clients

By combining market leading expertise and technology, we deliver better outcomes for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and society.

Anmut empowers decision-makers to unlock the true value of their data:


We had very high expectations of our digital transformation programme, but soon realised that the data was in no shape to execute the programme.

By using Anmut’s approach we were able to re-prioritise the initiatives based on data maturity and value.

This transformed a failing digital initiative into one that delivered real value for our customers and investors.


I previously spent £150m per year on information, yet could not see a clear return on investment.

By valuing my data using Anmut’s diagnostic and then data valuation tool, I was able to track investment in datasets, prioritise spend and clearly see the return I was getting from my investment.

> CFO of a large FMCG organisation.


With the introduction of GDPR I have been pushed to delete all of my customer data as I am unable to communicate its value to our organisation.

Through Anmut’s data valuation and data management services I could clearly articulate its value across the business. This also enabled us to measure and improve the condition of our data in a way that all business units understood.

> CDO of a large FTSE 100 insurance company


We had multiple competing customer and marketing initiatives underpinned by perennially poor data. A second challenge was to align the global organisation around clear priorities. 

Anmut’s data strategy helped us prioritise the most important datasets for investment, providing better customer data, leading to improved retention and better profitability.

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