We put the disciplines in place to enable companies to manage data as an asset. When they do, digital failure rates fall and transformation speeds up, silos break down and how a business creates value becomes clear and measurable. This is how we do it:

  1. Data Asset Valuation
  2. Data Asset Condition Analysis
  3. ROI Management
  4. Data Asset Tracking

Data Asset Valuation

Using a range of advanced and proven approaches, and a carefully trained neural network, we express the value an organisation creates for its different stakeholders in monetary terms. Then we identify all the activities that drive that value, and how data dependent each activity is. We’re then able to calculate the value of data in monetary terms, which puts data into a language everyone in the organisation understands.

This gives you a monetary measure of value for the different assets in your data portfolio, putting them into a language everyone in your organisation understands.

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Data Asset Condition Analysis

Data is only valuable in use. Like any asset, quality is important, but what really matters is how fit for use the data asset is, or the condition of the data asset. Using a variety of methods, we look at the datasets, and all the systems and processes that sit around them, to determine their condition and what needs to be done to improve it.

This gives you a set of leading, as-is and lagging indicators showing the condition of your data. This view reveals opportunities to better manage your most valuable data assets, improve their ROI and your strategic contribution to the organisation’s goals.

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ROI Management

Our tools allow you to prioritise data projects based on the ROI each will deliver for the organisation, and by how much they increase the value of the data asset. By giving visibility across the pipeline of data projects, making sure relevant costs are budgeted for, and the data is in the right condition to deliver for the project, data work can be managed more strategically.

This gives you visibility across your data asset portfolio and a simple way to prioritise and quantify data project investments.

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Data Asset Tracking

Managing assets over time needs good reporting for all those connected to an asset. The reporting systems we build show how data assets are maturing over time.

This tracking puts data asset management on a par with the most professional asset management systems in your business.

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