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Intangible Asset Value Abstract Starry Sky

Measuring The Value Of Intangible Assets

This blog examines the concept of intangible asset value and what it means for organisations. Trends in intangible assets In May 2017, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs released a paper that examined recent trends in investment in intangible assets and the

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Anmut Data Maturity Ladder

Introducing The Anmut Data Maturity Ladder

How much value does data add to your organisation? How do you evaluate your organisation’s data maturity? At Anmut these are questions that we have discussed at length with academics, business leaders, digital and data leaders. We have summarised our findings in the Anmut Data

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Data Philosophy Abstract 'The Thinker' Statue

Anmut Data Philosophy

The future is set to be written in data; but with a massive 97% of businesses saying they are not happy with the state of their data, are we leaving too much to chance? Besides the World Cup and Donald Trump, this year has another

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Anmut Logo

Announcing Anmut

On 1 May 2018, we launched Anmut, the UK’s first DataActivist. We are purposed to help all create value for their stakeholders through smarter and more responsible application of data. Our vision is that all will have the tools and methods available to them to

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