2020 Data Leadership Report

86 data leaders. $1 trillion in combined revenues. Find out what they had to say about data assets, how they’re seen, invested in, managed (or not) and what experts say can be done to tackle the challenges.
anmut data leadership report

How To Manage Data As An Asset Webinar

‘Data as an asset’ is said a lot but rarely understood. On 11 December at 11:30 AM GMT we’re running a webinar that sets out what it means to really manage data as an asset, why it doesn’t happen more and how to get the business on board with it.

It’s thirty minutes, straight the point and with time for discussion. If you’re obsessed with technologies or technical standards, this isn’t for you. It’s for data leaders who want to secure a space for data at the top table of the business.


Announcing Anmut

On 1 May 2018, we launched Anmut, the UK’s first DataActivist. We are purposed to help all create value for their stakeholders through smarter and more responsible application of data. Our vision is that all will have the tools and methods available to them to value their data, have better information strategies and create better outcomes for their stakeholders through

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