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Why You Should Be Treating Your Data As An Asset

Data is everywhere. Data is revolutionising business, changing the way organisations work, the services they offer and the decisions leaders make. This trend is obvious in born digital businesses like Netflix, Amazon and Uber. Their data is used to make recommendations, manage inventories or match

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How Could Your Data Be Valued As An Asset?

Data is often talked about as a lake – organisations are either building or sitting on data lakes, but the problem with this analogy is that not all data in the lake is equally valuable. From a valuation perspective it is much better to think

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Data Valuation | What Is Your Data Worth?

Data is an asset, not a commodity. Some people talk about data as the new oil, but this is too simplistic. Oil is a commodity – to be bought and sold. Data is an asset, an asset that grows in value through use. A single person’s data

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Fast-moving consumer goods strategy

Can The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry Keep Up The Pace?

Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé and Diageo. Just a small selection of the heavyweights that have benefitted from the success of the fast-moving consumer goods industry over the last decades. These companies have achieved success by leveraging strong retail relationships and driving down costs through

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Computing Power In A Data Driven World

We currently create over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and this number is set to increase with the rise of the Internet of Things and proliferation of applications that benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence. To process this massive amount of data,

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