What is Anmut's advanced analytics?

At Anmut, our advanced analytics approach is different – we focus on value. We optimise for shareholder and stakeholder outcomes, using the latest advanced analytics tools to create measurably better performance across your value chain.

Anmut’s advanced analytics team, in partnership with leading academics, utilises the latest tools and technologies to create measurably better outcomes for your stakeholders. Our expertise includes: machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, semantic and sentiment analysis, visualisation, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, multilevel models and complex event prediction.

Outcomes of Anmut's advanced analytics

Our advanced analytics solution was employed by a large UK-based construction and equipment company to increase customer value. Our solution moved beyond traditional single metrics to better predict customer loyalty. The model employed neural and bayesian networks to predict loyalty by incorporating profitability analysis, churn clustering and natural language processing of complaints.

The model correctly predicted 98% of churn, creating a level of insight and analysis that moved far beyond their use of traditional customer experience metric. Our model revealed that the organisation was losing £6m (0.57% revenue of UKI division) by relying on NPS as a measure of loyalty.

By understanding individuals textual feedback the organisation was able to understand the root cause of customer loyalty. This enabled the development of targeted initiatives to improve customer experience, resulting in decreased churn, increased revenue and improved cross and up-sell opportunities.

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