Data are one of the most valuable assets we have. Data helps us make better decisions, that lead to better outcomes and impact for customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders, local communities or future generations.

But, despite an abundance of data and increasingly sophisticated and more accessible technologies, many organisations don’t have the disciplines needed to be data-driven. They’re drowning in data, but it’s not making the difference it should.

Organisations exist to manage assets and resources to create value. They’re exceptional at this, when the assets are tangible.

Data is an omni-present, inexhaustible and intangible asset. It’s invisible. It’s not on the balance sheet because there aren’t any accounting standards.

The invisible asset class, critical for decision-making, is treated as an afterthought. As the organisation changes, data assets aren’t adjusted to meet new demands. Investments go to technology, which is more tangible. Data goes misunderstood, under-appreciated and underinvested in.

We make data speak the language of business, so businesses can get the most out of data, for all their stakeholders. We’ve built a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, strategists, and business engineers to do this. The team is led by Herman Heyns, former lead partner at Accenture, KPMG and EY, and Professor Andy Neely.

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